KWC Director Nancy Lemas Featured in Idaho Statesmen!

Nancy Lemas calls the dry-erase board hanging on her office’s southern wall her “brain on the wall." It’s a simple thing, a list of 10 or so high-dollar real estate deals in various stages of the selling process. But it stands for something more complex: the juggling act commercial real estate agents face constantly. Besides its complications, dealmaking is an emotional roller coaster.


“You never know if you’re going to be the windshield or the bug," Lemas says.


A typical day in Lemas’ Downtown Boise office is a clinic in multitasking. Over the course of five hours one day shortly after Christmas, she shifted gears between phone calls and emails, keeping track of a half-dozen transactions at the same time.


In the moments between, she explained to a reporter her philosophy on the best ways to do her job and the state of the local commercial real estate market.

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